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Who we are

J2 helps to empower Liberian lives, end poverty and bring about social justice

Our mission

J2 seek to give Liberian hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty will be overcome and all people will live with dignity and security.


J2 seek to give Liberian hope, tolerance, and social justice for all and respect dignity and security.
J2 priorities Women and girls to overcome poverty.   As everyone needs to have equal rights and opportunities.
J2 respect and value diversity, we value and seek to enhance the community capacities, we support women development. We recognise and value professionalism, skills and experience of our staff with institutional learning and development. We are easy to adapt and resilience. We value the support of our donors and our program partners


We Depend your on Support and Generosity

J2 empowerment Liberia depend on support and generosity of generous people, the government of Liberia, partners and donors. J2 continue to strive from equality and end poverty in Liberia

Where the Money Goes

J2 empowerment is committed to improving the lives of vulnerable communities in Liberia, we bring compassion and experience to our work.

What do we Do?

Girls and women face violence everyday of their life. Women don’t have security, poor paid jobs and die unnecessarily during pregnancy and childbirth. Girls are force in to getting marriage and social attitude against women put them in a more vulnerable position and injustice

How do We Achieve our Mission?

J2 respond to disaster and development need to the Liberian people. J2 recognise that poverty and injustice increase by disaster which lead to vulnerability. We work with people from all works of life and not band by any religious or partisan.

We remain focus on gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Which will help make the community more effective, stable, prosperous and more peaceful.  J2 encourage women and girls to work along side with male by sharing equal decision making, working together and maintaining resources. J2 support community structures and the building of systems through promotion of equality and identify, challenge and the remover of barriers. J2 understands that in order to make a change, change will have to come from oneself and J2 practice around these principles.

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    Bioform Building, Sophie Community, Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia.